Amanda (crinkledpaper) wrote,

Weird dream was weird

I had to write down this dream, just because it was so strange.

So I lived in the countryside at a boarding school, where apparently your status came from how many pillows you had on your bed. I, naturally, had the most, so I ruled the school. I went to lessons and stuff, people kissed my ass, it was nice.
Then one day, the sole male teacher came into our dormitory and announced "Humans are at war. The machines have risen. Because of this, we're taking children in from the cities. We're short on bedding, so you guys will have to give up most of your pillows...especially you, Amanda." Then a bunch of people rushed my bed and started stealing my pillows, while I screamed "BUT I'M THE PILLOW QUEEN!" Life sucked after that.

Time jumped and I was older, working in a hospital. I was working on minor wounds, and this rather cute guy came in with a huge gash on his chest. We were flirting while I cleaned him up, he was telling me about how far the robots had spread from the old cities. And then it got strange.

I asked him to lift his arm, and I noticed he had this huge open gap in his armpit. I was like "OMG, this is a lot worse than I thought!!" and he's like "What?! Oh that? That's my armpit wallet. ^_^" I was like "...armpit wallet?"
"Yeah, I've had this deep hole in my arm for years, so now I keep things in it." And then he proceeds to pull out money, his keys, a few bullets, and a candy bar. He of course offered me the candy bar. The dream ended with me going:

yeah, idk.
Tags: but i'm the pillow queen!, dreams
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